I've had the pleasure of reviewing a whopping 15 different mocktails in this wonderful city, and let me tell you, it was a challenging task (but someone had to do it!).

From refreshing concoctions to creative blends, there is no shortage of delicious non-alcoholic options in San Antonio. Join me on this lighthearted adventure as we uncover the hidden gems and iconic mocktails that will make your taste buds dance with joy!

So sit back, relax, and get ready to discover the best mocktails that San Antonio has to offer. Cheers!

Paramour At The Phipps

Paramour At The Phipps
🗺️ 102 9th St Floor 4, San Antonio, TX 78215
☎️ 210-417-6559
🌐 Website
Sunday: 11 AM–3 PM
Monday: 12 PM–12 AM
Tuesday: 12 PM–12 AM
Wednesday: 12 PM–12 AM
Thursday: 12 PM–12 AM
Friday: 12 PM–2 AM
Saturday: 11 AM–2 AM
Great location and fun atmosphere
Excellent table service
Awesome drag singer and entertainment
Nice chat with the owner
Looking forward to going back

From the moment I arrived at Paramour At The Phipps, I knew I was in for a treat. This place has an absolutely great location and a fun atmosphere that immediately put me in the mood for a night of mocktail adventure.

As soon as I settled into my seat, I was greeted with excellent table service. The staff here truly go above and beyond to ensure a memorable experience. But what truly sets Paramour At The Phipps apart is the awesome drag singer and entertainment. The performances were lively and engaging, making my evening even more enjoyable.

In between sips of my delicious mocktail, I had the opportunity to chat with the owner. It was evident that a lot of love and care goes into the creation of each mocktail on their menu. The owner's passion for their craft was contagious, and it made me appreciate the mocktails even more.

I sampled a few different mocktails, and let me tell you, each one was a flavor explosion. The creative combinations of ingredients made for intriguing and refreshing beverages. These mocktails were far from ordinary, and that's what made them stand out.

I left Paramour At The Phipps already planning my next visit. The combination of great mocktails, a lively atmosphere, and friendly staff creates an experience you won't want to miss. You can bet I'll be back to enjoy more of what this hidden gem has to offer.

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Blue Box Bar

Blue Box Bar
🗺️ 312 Pearl Pkwy, San Antonio, TX 78215
☎️ 210-227-2583
🌐 Website
Sunday: 4 PM–2 AM
Monday: 4 PM–2 AM
Tuesday: 4 PM–2 AM
Wednesday: 4 PM–2 AM
Thursday: 4 PM–2 AM
Friday: 4 PM–2 AM
Saturday: 4 PM–2 AM
Amazing bar staff
Great suggestions
Ambient atmosphere
Knowledgeable staff

From the moment I walked in, I was greeted by an amazing bar staff that made me feel right at home. They were cheerful and eager to help me find the perfect mocktail. I must say, their suggestions were spot on!

The atmosphere at Blue Box Bar is truly something to behold. It is both ambient and inviting, with dim lighting and cozy seating. It's the kind of place where you can unwind and enjoy a delicious drink without feeling rushed.

What impressed me the most was the knowledgeable staff. They were able to answer all of my questions about ingredients and flavors, making me feel like an informed consumer. They truly knew their craft and it showed in every sip.

As for the mocktails themselves, let me just say, they were outstanding. From the refreshing and tangy citrus concoction to the smooth and creamy coconut delight, every mocktail was a work of art. The bartenders at Blue Box Bar have mastered the art of creating delicious and creative non-alcoholic beverages that are sure to please even the most discerning palates.

Overall, my experience at Blue Box Bar was nothing short of exceptional. The bar staff, the suggestions, the atmosphere, and the mocktails all came together to create an unforgettable experience. If you're looking for the best mocktails in San Antonio, look no further than Blue Box Bar. Trust me, you won't be disappointed.

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Bar 1919

Bar 1919
🗺️ 1420 S Alamo St, San Antonio, TX 78204
☎️ 210-227-1420
🌐 Website
Sunday: 4 PM–2 AM
Monday: 4 PM–2 AM
Tuesday: 4 PM–2 AM
Wednesday: 4 PM–2 AM
Thursday: 4 PM–2 AM
Friday: 4 PM–2 AM
Saturday: 4 PM–2 AM
Outstanding bar!
Amazing drinks and bartenders
Unique and custom-made drinks
Love the giraffe theme
Great service and atmosphere

Let me start by saying that Bar 1919 is an outstanding bar that truly knows how to elevate the art of mocktails. This place has it all – from the incredibly talented bartenders to the wide array of amazing drinks they serve.

One of the things that sets Bar 1919 apart is their commitment to creating unique and custom-made mocktails. As a mocktail enthusiast, I appreciate the effort they put into curating a menu that caters specifically to those who choose not to imbibe alcohol. Each mocktail is crafted with precision and care, resulting in a truly remarkable drinking experience.

One thing that instantly caught my attention at Bar 1919 is their giraffe theme. From the décor to the glassware, the presence of these majestic creatures adds a whimsical touch to the atmosphere. It's hard not to smile and feel a sense of joy as you sip on their delightful creations.

I must commend the staff for their great service and attentiveness. The bartenders are not only highly skilled, but they also take the time to understand your preferences and recommend mocktails that perfectly suit your tastes. Their passion for mixology shines through in every interaction.

Overall, Bar 1919 is a hidden gem that deserves recognition for their exquisite mocktails. Whether you're a teetotaler, designated driver, or simply in the mood for a unique and delightful beverage, this place has something truly special to offer. For those seeking the best mocktails in San Antonio, don't miss out on the opportunity to visit Bar 1919 and indulge in their remarkable concoctions.

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The Cherrity Bar

The Cherrity Bar
🗺️ 302 Montana St, San Antonio, TX 78203
☎️ 210-598-0496
🌐 Website
Sunday: Closed
Monday: 4–10 PM
Tuesday: 4–10 PM
Wednesday: 11 AM–10 PM
Thursday: 11 AM–10 PM
Friday: 11 AM–11 PM
Saturday: 12–11 PM
Flavorful cuisine
Friendly service
Convenient location

Walking into The Cherrity Bar, I was immediately drawn to its vibrant atmosphere. The flavorful cuisine offered a delightful surprise, not only for the palate but also for those looking to enjoy a delicious mocktail. The bar had an impressive selection of mocktails that blended perfectly with the diverse menu.

The friendly service provided an extra touch of charm to the experience. The staff was attentive and knowledgeable, eager to assist in finding the ideal mocktail to suit my preferences. With their guidance, I was able to explore unique flavors and combinations that left my taste buds dancing with joy.

Located conveniently in the heart of San Antonio, The Cherrity Bar is easily accessible, making it a must-visit for anyone craving a delectable mocktail. Whether visiting for a quick mocktail after work or a relaxing evening with friends, this bar offers a cozy and welcoming ambience that adds to its appeal.

One particular mocktail that caught my attention was the Berry Bliss. This refreshing concoction combined the sweetness of fresh berries with a hint of tanginess, creating an explosion of flavors in every sip. The presentation was as impressive as the taste, adorned with fresh berries and a sprig of mint that added a touch of elegance to the drink.

To sum it up, The Cherrity Bar is a delightful haven for mocktail enthusiasts in San Antonio. With its flavorful cuisine, friendly service, and convenient location, this bar is undoubtedly on my list of the best mocktail spots in the city. So, gather your friends and head over to The Cherrity Bar for a merry mocktail-filled evening!

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Cellar Mixology

Cellar Mixology
🗺️ 1142 E Commerce St, San Antonio, TX 78205
☎️ 210-463-5386
🌐 Website
Sunday: Closed
Monday: Closed
Tuesday: Closed
Wednesday: 5:30 PM–2 AM
Thursday: 5:30 PM–2 AM
Friday: 5:30 PM–2 AM
Saturday: 5:30 PM–2 AM
Fantastic drinks
Special flair and technique
Spoon shots are worth the wait
Cool place
Good service

Upon entering, I was immediately captivated by the cool ambiance of Cellar Mixology. The dim lighting and stylish decor added to the trendy vibe of the place. The bar itself was a work of art, with bottles of various shapes and sizes lining the shelves.

The highlight of Cellar Mixology has to be the fantastic drinks they serve. Each one was carefully crafted with a special flair and technique that amazed me. The mixologists here are true artists, bringing a unique and innovative touch to each mocktail they create.

One of the unique aspects of Cellar Mixology is their famous spoon shots. These delectable concoctions are served in small spoons and are definitely worth the wait. Each spoon shot was bursting with flavor and had me craving more.

The service at Cellar Mixology was also impressive. The staff was friendly and attentive, making sure that I had everything I needed throughout my visit. They were knowledgeable about the mocktail menu and offered great suggestions based on my preferences.

Overall, my visit to Cellar Mixology was a delightful experience. The combination of fantastic drinks, special flair, and good service make it a must-visit for mocktail enthusiasts. If you're looking for a cool place to unwind and enjoy some creative mocktails, Cellar Mixology is the place to be.

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Bar Mon Ami

Bar Mon Ami
🗺️ 4901 Broadway, San Antonio, TX 78209
☎️ 210-701-0577
🌐 Website
Sunday: 4 PM–12 AM
Monday: 4 PM–12 AM
Tuesday: 4 PM–12 AM
Wednesday: 4 PM–12 AM
Thursday: 4 PM–12 AM
Friday: 4 PM–12 AM
Saturday: 4 PM–12 AM
Hidden gem
Quick service
Cozy atmosphere
Affordable prices
Delicious drinks

Walking into Bar Mon Ami felt like discovering a hidden gem in the heart of San Antonio. This quaint and cozy spot quickly won me over with its charming atmosphere and friendly staff.

From the moment I sat down, I was pleased with the quick service I received. The staff was attentive and knowledgeable, willing to make recommendations based on my preferences.

Now, let's talk about the mocktails! Bar Mon Ami truly excelled in this area. Not only were the prices surprisingly affordable, but the drinks themselves were simply delightful. Each mocktail was expertly crafted, showcasing the bartender's creativity and attention to detail.

The standout for me was the refreshing citrus spritz. This bubbly concoction was a perfect blend of tangy citrus flavors with just a hint of sweetness. The presentation was also impressive, garnished with a vibrant sprig of mint and a twist of lemon.

Another memorable mocktail was the berry-infused sparkler. Bursting with flavors of fresh berries, this vibrant drink was not only visually appealing but also a treat for the taste buds. The combination of tart and sweet flavors made it truly enjoyable.

Overall, my experience at Bar Mon Ami was nothing short of delightful. The combination of cozy atmosphere, quick service, and delicious mocktails made it a standout on my quest for the best mocktails in San Antonio. So, next time you're in town, be sure to check out Bar Mon Ami for an exceptional mocktail experience.

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The Esquire Tavern

The Esquire Tavern
🗺️ 155 E Commerce St, San Antonio, TX 78205
☎️ 210-222-2521
🌐 Website
Sunday: 11:30 AM–12 AM
Monday: 11:30 AM–12 AM
Tuesday: 11:30 AM–12 AM
Wednesday: 11:30 AM–12 AM
Thursday: 11:30 AM–12 AM
Friday: 11:30 AM–2 AM
Saturday: 11:30 AM–2 AM
Dim lighting
Inviting ambiance
Tranquil escape
Signature cocktails
Mocktails available

Walking into The Esquire Tavern is like stepping into a dimly lit haven. The inviting ambiance makes you feel right at home, offering a tranquil escape from the bustling streets of San Antonio.

As a mocktail enthusiast, I was pleased to find that The Esquire Tavern offers a selection of signature mocktails alongside their tempting array of cocktails. This thoughtful inclusion ensured that all guests could enjoy a refreshing and flavorful beverage, regardless of their preference.

I decided to try their famous "Esquire Mule Mocktail," and it did not disappoint. The blend of fresh lime, ginger beer, and a secret herb-infused syrup created a tantalizing concoction that was both tangy and refreshing.

What I truly appreciated was the attention to detail in presentation. The mocktail was garnished with a sprig of fresh mint and served in a sophisticated glass, making it feel like a special treat.

The Esquire Tavern has undoubtedly earned its reputation as one of the best places in San Antonio for mocktails. With their dedication to serving high-quality drinks and creating a welcoming atmosphere, it's no wonder why locals and visitors alike gravitate toward this hidden gem.

Whether you're in the mood for a signature cocktail or a mocktail, The Esquire Tavern has got you covered. So, next time you're looking for a delightful mocktail experience, make sure to swing by this charming establishment, sit back, and savor the flavors they have to offer. Cheers to the best mocktails in San Antonio!

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The Modernist

The Modernist
🗺️ 516 E Grayson St, San Antonio, TX 78215
🌐 Website
Sunday: Closed
Monday: 7 PM–2 AM
Tuesday: 5 PM–1 AM
Wednesday: 5 PM–1 AM
Thursday: 5 PM–1 AM
Friday: 5 PM–2 AM
Saturday: 5 PM–2 AM
Unique concept
Speakeasy vibe
Talented bartenders
Customized drinks

Walking into The Modernist, I was immediately struck by its unique concept and speakeasy vibe. The dim lighting, leather-bound books, and plush velvet seating all added to the sophisticated atmosphere. I knew I was in for a treat, even without the presence of alcohol.

The bartenders at The Modernist were not only skilled, but they truly understood the art of creating mocktails. They took the time to listen to my preferences and crafted custom drinks that exceeded my expectations. Each mocktail was a work of art, impeccably presented and bursting with flavor.

One of my favorites was the "Berry Bliss," a refreshing blend of muddled berries, lime juice, and a hint of mint. The mocktail was served in a delicate coupe glass, garnished with fresh berries and a sprig of mint. Every sip was a burst of tangy sweetness, perfectly balanced and utterly enjoyable.

Another standout mocktail was the "Citrus Sunrise." Made with freshly squeezed orange juice, a splash of pomegranate syrup, and a squeeze of lime, it was a vibrant explosion of flavor. The tangy citrus notes combined with the subtle sweetness of pomegranate created a drink that was both refreshing and invigorating.

What sets The Modernist apart from other establishments is its dedication to creating mocktails that are just as enticing as their alcoholic counterparts. The bartenders here are artists, carefully crafting drinks that are not only visually stunning but also a joy to drink.

Whether you're a designated driver, prefer not to drink alcohol, or simply want to try something different, The Modernist is the place to go for exceptional mocktails in San Antonio. This hidden gem offers a delightful experience that will leave you wanting to try all their creative concoctions.

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Park Bar

Park Bar
🗺️ 312 Pearl Pkwy building 6 suite 6101, San Antonio, TX 78215
☎️ 210-564-9140
🌐 Website
Sunday: 10 AM–9 PM
Monday: 11 AM–9 PM
Tuesday: 11 AM–9 PM
Wednesday: 11 AM–9 PM
Thursday: 11 AM–9 PM
Friday: 11 AM–10 PM
Saturday: 9 AM–10 PM
Delicious drinks
Friendly staff
Quick service

From the moment I walked into Park Bar, I could sense a vibrant and lively atmosphere. The friendly staff greeted me with warm smiles and made me feel instantly welcome. I was promptly seated and handed a menu that promised an array of delicious mocktails.

The first mocktail I tried was the Berry Breeze. Made with a blend of fresh berries, soda water, and a hint of mint, it was a refreshing explosion of fruity flavors. The presentation was impeccable, with a garnish of a perfectly sliced strawberry and a sprig of mint. As I took my first sip, I could taste the natural sweetness of the berries, perfectly balanced with a subtle tanginess.

Next, I decided to be a bit more adventurous and went for the Spicy Cucumber Cooler. The combination of cucumber, lime, and a hint of chili pepper was unexpected but utterly satisfying. The coolness of the cucumber paired with the slight kick from the chili pepper created a unique and refreshing mocktail that left me wanting more.

What truly impressed me about Park Bar is their creativity in crafting their mocktails. Each drink was carefully crafted, and the flavor profiles were well thought out. The staff was happy to cater to my preferences and make adjustments to suit my taste buds.

To top it all off, the service at Park Bar was quick and efficient, ensuring that my mocktails arrived promptly.

In conclusion, if you're looking for a fun and enjoyable mocktail experience in San Antonio, Park Bar is a must-visit. Their friendly staff, delicious drinks, and creative concoctions make for an unforgettable experience. So, gather your friends and head over to Park Bar for a playful and mocktail-filled evening!

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On The Bend Oyster Bar and Cigar Lounge

On The Bend Oyster Bar and Cigar Lounge
🗺️ 123 Losoya St, San Antonio, TX 78205
☎️ 210-354-3002
🌐 Website
Sunday: 11 AM–12 AM
Monday: 11 AM–12 AM
Tuesday: 11 AM–12 AM
Wednesday: 11 AM–12 AM
Thursday: 11 AM–12 AM
Friday: 11 AM–2 AM
Saturday: 11 AM–2 AM
Cigar deck
Good food
People watch
Great seafood
Close to riverwalk

Walking into On The Bend Oyster Bar and Cigar Lounge, I was immediately captivated by the lively atmosphere and stylish décor. The highlight of this establishment is undoubtedly the cigar deck. As a non-smoker myself, I appreciated the fact that it was separate from the main dining area, ensuring a comfortable experience for all patrons.

Now, let's talk about the mocktails! On The Bend Oyster Bar and Cigar Lounge may be known for their exquisite seafood, but they also know how to whip up a mean mocktail. The bartenders here are skilled artists, creating delicious and refreshing concoctions without a drop of alcohol. From their tangy mocktail margarita to their fruity mocktail mojito, there is a drink to satisfy every palate.

To complement their mocktails, On The Bend serves top-notch food. From juicy oysters to succulent shrimp, their seafood is fresh and beautifully presented. The lobster bisque is an absolute must-try, bursting with rich flavors that perfectly complement the drinks.

Aside from the fantastic food and drink options, On The Bend Oyster Bar and Cigar Lounge is also an excellent spot for people-watching. Situated close to the riverwalk, it offers a unique perspective on the vibrant city life.

In conclusion, On The Bend Oyster Bar and Cigar Lounge is a hidden gem for those seeking extraordinary mocktails in San Antonio. With a unique ambiance and a menu that pampers both the taste buds and the eyes, it provides a truly memorable experience. Whether you're a seafood lover or simply in the mood to unwind with a mocktail, this place has something for everyone.

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🗺️ 136 E Grayson St, San Antonio, TX 78215
☎️ 210-223-7375
🌐 Website
Sunday: 12 PM–12 AM
Monday: 3 PM–12 AM
Tuesday: 3 PM–12 AM
Wednesday: 3 PM–12 AM
Thursday: 3 PM–12 AM
Friday: 12 PM–2 AM
Saturday: 12 PM–2 AM

Let's dive into it! I recently had the pleasure of visiting Sternewirth, a charming establishment in San Antonio, to explore their mocktail offerings. From the moment I stepped in, I could sense the playful yet professional atmosphere that they effortlessly cultivate. The bartender, knowledgeable and enthusiastic, eagerly recommended their top mocktails. I couldn't wait to see what delights awaited me.

First on the list was the Berry Bonanza. Bursting with flavors of ripe berries and a hint of citrus, this colorful concoction was a feast for the eyes and taste buds alike. Each sip was a symphony of sweetness and tang, making it the perfect addition to a sunny San Antonio afternoon.

Moving on to the Tropical Tango. This mocktail transported me straight to a tropical paradise with its refreshing blend of pineapple, mango, and coconut. Served in a coconut-shaped glass with a miniature umbrella, it was the epitome of summer in a glass. I couldn't help but imagine myself lounging on a beach, soaking up the sun.

Now, let's talk about the Smokey Sunset. This mocktail was a true sensory experience. With its smoky aroma, tangy notes of grapefruit, and a touch of heat from jalapenos, it was like sipping on a taste of Texas. The balance of flavors was impeccable, leaving a lingering smokiness on my palate that kept me coming back for more.

Last but not least, the Mint Mojito Madness. This mocktail took the classic mojito to a whole new level. The cool, refreshing taste of fresh mint, lime, and a hint of sweetness danced on my tongue. It was the perfect blend of tart and sweet, making it a drink I could happily sip on all evening.

In conclusion, Sternewirth is a mocktail lover's paradise in San Antonio. From the vibrant and fruity Berry Bonanza to the exotic and refreshing Tropical Tango, their mocktail menu shines bright. The Smokey Sunset delivers a unique and unforgettable experience, while the Mint Mojito Madness offers a classic with a twist. Cheers to Sternewirth for their dedication to crafting exceptional mocktails that satisfy all taste buds!

RD Hidden Speakeasy

RD Hidden Speakeasy
🗺️ 8400 N New Braunfels Ave, San Antonio, TX 78209
☎️ 210-605-2292
🌐 Website
Sunday: Closed
Monday: Closed
Tuesday: Closed
Wednesday: Closed
Thursday: 5 PM–12 AM
Friday: 5 PM–12 AM
Saturday: 5 PM–12 AM

RD Hidden Speakeasy in San Antonio is a hidden gem for mocktail lovers. Their innovative and perfectly balanced concoctions are a playfully refreshing take on classic cocktails. With bold flavors and creative presentations, RD Hidden Speakeasy will transport you to a world of delightful, alcohol-free indulgence.

Cream Cocktail Lounge

Cream Cocktail Lounge
🗺️ 527 W Hildebrand Ave, San Antonio, TX 78212
☎️ 210-973-2253
🌐 Website
Sunday: 9 AM–5 PM
Sunday: 9 PM–2 AM
Monday: 9 PM–2 AM
Tuesday: 9 PM–2 AM
Wednesday: Closed
Thursday: 9 PM–2 AM
Friday: 9 PM–2 AM
Saturday: 9 PM–2 AM

As a mocktail enthusiast, I made my way to Cream Cocktail Lounge in San Antonio to see what they had to offer. This trendy spot did not disappoint. Their mocktail menu was divine, with a delightful range of flavors and creative combinations. The friendly mixologists were more than happy to craft a drink tailored to my preferences. Cream Cocktail Lounge truly raised the bar for mocktails in San Antonio.

Urban Cocktail

Urban Cocktail
🗺️ IH10 W 9859, suite 106, San Antonio, TX 78230
Sunday: 4 PM–12 AM
Monday: 4 PM–12 AM
Tuesday: 4 PM–2 AM
Wednesday: 4 PM–2 AM
Thursday: 4 PM–2 AM
Friday: 4 PM–2 AM
Saturday: 4 PM–2 AM

Urban Cocktail in San Antonio is a 🌟mocktail heaven! From the moment I walked in, I knew I was in for a treat. The vibrant atmosphere and friendly staff instantly made me feel at ease. The menu boasts an impressive selection of creative and refreshing mocktails that are sure to satisfy even the most discerning taste buds. One standout was the Virgin Mojito, a zesty and minty concoction that transported me to a tropical paradise. Another highlight was the Watermelon Splash, a juicy and refreshing blend that left me craving for more. The presentation of the mocktails was artistic and eye-catching, truly enhancing the overall experience. The attention to detail and quality of ingredients were evident in each sip. Whether you're a mocktail enthusiast or simply looking for a delicious alcohol-free option, Urban Cocktail is a must-visit spot in San Antonio. Cheers to mocktails that make your taste buds dance with joy!

Tiny Cantina Sip N' Shop

Tiny Cantina Sip N' Shop
🗺️ 15900 La Cantera Pkwy, San Antonio, TX 78256
☎️ 210-267-1567
Sunday: 12–10 PM
Monday: 12–10 PM
Tuesday: 12–10 PM
Wednesday: 12–10 PM
Thursday: 12–10 PM
Friday: 12 PM–12 AM
Saturday: 12 PM–12 AM

Tiny Cantina Sip N' Shop in San Antonio is a delightful hidden treasure for mocktail enthusiasts! From their refreshing berry fizz to the tangy citrus punch, every sip is a delightful explosion of flavors. Don't miss their sparkling cucumber cooler, a crisp and rejuvenating concoction that will transport you to a tropical paradise. With its charming atmosphere and friendly service, this place is a must-visit for anyone seeking the best mocktails in San Antonio.

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