Step into the ring and join me on a lighthearted journey as we explore the top contenders in the San Antonio boxing scene. With a whopping 15 gyms reviewed, you can trust that I have left no jab unturned in my quest to find the ultimate knockout destination for all your boxing needs.

So tighten those gloves and get ready to discover the gym that truly packs a punch. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a total newbie, this article is your one-stop shop to finding the best boxing gym in San Antonio.

Let's get ready to rumble!

Club K.O. Boxing & Personal Training 1

Club K.O. Boxing & Personal Training 1
🗺️ 8303 Speedway Dr, San Antonio, TX 78230
☎️ 210-375-2348
🌐 Website
Sunday: Closed
Monday: 5:45–7 AM
Monday: 11:45 AM–1 PM
Monday: 4:45–8:30 PM
Tuesday: 11:45 AM–1 PM
Tuesday: 4:45–9:30 PM
Wednesday: 5:45–7 AM
Wednesday: 11:45 AM–1 PM
Wednesday: 4:45–8:30 PM
Thursday: 11:45 AM–1 PM
Thursday: 4:45–9:30 PM
Friday: 5:45–7 AM
Friday: 11:45 AM–1 PM
Friday: 5:45–7 PM
Saturday: 8:45–11:30 AM
Great workout
Excellent coaches
Variety of classes
Comfortable atmosphere

Walking into Club K.O. Boxing & Personal Training 1, I immediately felt the excitement in the air, as if I just stepped into a boxing ring. The gym is well-equipped with bags, pads, and a spacious training area. The highlight of my visit was the great workout I received. The intense circuit training and conditioning exercises pushed me to a whole new level of fitness.

But what sets Club K.O. apart from the rest is its excellent coaches. They were knowledgeable, patient, and always ready to provide valuable feedback to improve my boxing technique. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned boxer, they cater to your individual needs and ensure you get the most out of every session. They made sure I felt comfortable and supported throughout my workout journey.

What I loved most about Club K.O. was their commitment to being beginner-friendly. They offer specialized classes that focus on the fundamentals of boxing, making it easy for anyone to jump in and start punching. The trainers took their time explaining each technique, ensuring that everyone had a solid foundation before moving on to more advanced drills.

The variety of classes at Club K.O. is impressive. From boxing fundamentals to high-intensity interval training, there's something for everyone. Whether you want to improve your boxing skills, get in shape, or simply relieve stress, this gym has you covered.

Lastly, the comfortable atmosphere at Club K.O. made me feel like part of a tight-knit community. The members were friendly and supportive, creating a positive environment that made me excited to come back for more.

In conclusion, Club K.O. Boxing & Personal Training 1 is a top contender for the best boxing gym in San Antonio. With their great workouts, excellent coaches, beginner-friendly approach, variety of classes, and comfortable atmosphere, it's hard to find a gym that checks all the boxes quite like Club K.O. So, if you're looking to enter the world of boxing or simply want to enhance your boxing skills, I highly recommend giving Club K.O. a try. They'll have you throwing punches with confidence in no time.

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Randazzo Brothers Boxing Gym

Randazzo Brothers Boxing Gym
🗺️ 12806 Nacogdoches Rd, San Antonio, TX 78217
☎️ 210-833-1825
🌐 Website
Sunday: Closed
Monday: 11 AM–2 PM
Monday: 5–8 PM
Tuesday: 11 AM–2 PM
Tuesday: 5–8 PM
Wednesday: 11 AM–2 PM
Wednesday: 5–8 PM
Thursday: 11 AM–2 PM
Thursday: 5–8 PM
Friday: 11 AM–2 PM
Friday: 5–8 PM
Saturday: 10 AM–2 PM
Experienced trainer
Hometown grassroots feel
Solid training
Supportive community
Youth program

As soon as I stepped inside Randazzo Brothers Boxing Gym, I could feel the hometown grassroots spirit that this place exudes. The gym is not the flashiest I've seen, but what it lacks in glamour it more than makes up for in authentic boxing atmosphere.

One of the highlights of this gym is the experienced trainer who immediately captured my attention. Coach Randazzo's passion for boxing is contagious, and he has an impressive wealth of knowledge that he happily shares with the members. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced fighter, he knows just how to push you to reach your full potential.

The training at Randazzo Brothers Boxing Gym is nothing short of solid. From the intense warm-ups to the technical drills and sparring sessions, each component of the training regimen is carefully structured to help you improve your skills and build your fitness. The workouts are challenging yet rewarding, leaving you feeling accomplished and empowered.

What sets this gym apart is the supportive community that thrives within its walls. From the younger members to the more seasoned fighters, everyone is welcomed with open arms and treated like family. This sense of camaraderie creates a motivating and encouraging atmosphere where everyone pushes each other to do their best.

Additionally, Randazzo Brothers Boxing Gym boasts an impressive youth program. This program not only teaches kids valuable boxing skills but also instills discipline, respect, and self-confidence. It's a great way to introduce young ones to the sport and help them develop important life skills.

In conclusion, Randazzo Brothers Boxing Gym may not be the fanciest gym in San Antonio, but it certainly deserves recognition for its experienced trainer, hometown feel, solid training, supportive community, and fantastic youth program. Whether you're a seasoned boxer or just starting out, this gym is worth checking out.

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Castillo Boxing Gym

Castillo Boxing Gym
🗺️ 100-136 W Petaluma Blvd, San Antonio, TX 78221
☎️ 210-414-3384
🌐 Website
Sunday: Closed
Monday: 5–8 PM
Tuesday: 5–8 PM
Wednesday: 5–8 PM
Thursday: 5–8 PM
Friday: 5–8 PM
Saturday: Closed
Fun Workout
Covid-19 Protocols

Walking into Castillo Boxing Gym, I couldn't help but feel a surge of excitement. The gym had a distinct professional aura with its well-maintained facilities and dedicated trainers. From the moment I stepped in, it was clear that this gym is a haven for boxing enthusiasts of all levels.

The workout at Castillo Boxing Gym was not only intense but also a whole lot of fun. The trainers knew just how to push you to your limits while keeping the atmosphere lively and energetic. They incorporated various boxing techniques, cardio exercises, and strength training to ensure a well-rounded workout. It was a perfect blend of challenge and enjoyment.

One aspect that impressed me was the gym's commitment to safety, especially during these Covid-19 times. Castillo Boxing Gym strictly adhered to all necessary protocols to ensure a clean and sanitized environment. They limited the number of participants, provided sanitization stations, and maintained social distancing throughout the workouts. It's reassuring to train at a gym that takes the health and well-being of its members seriously.

Whether you're a seasoned boxer or a beginner taking your first steps into the ring, Castillo Boxing Gym is an exceptional choice. It offers a professional training environment, combines serious workouts with a playful spirit, and prioritizes the safety of its clients. Without a doubt, Castillo Boxing Gym deserves its spot as one of the best boxing gyms in San Antonio.

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CLASS UFC Gym San Antonio

CLASS UFC Gym San Antonio
🗺️ 9951 I-10, San Antonio, TX 78230
☎️ 210-999-0667
Sunday: 8:30–10:30 AM
Monday: 5 AM–8 PM
Tuesday: 5 AM–8 PM
Wednesday: 5 AM–8 PM
Thursday: 5 AM–8 PM
Friday: 5 AM–7 PM
Saturday: 8:30 AM–12 PM
Motivating coaches
Positive environment
Variety of classes
Welcoming staff
Unique coaching styles

Walking into CLASS UFC Gym San Antonio was like stepping into a ring of positivity and motivation. The coaches here are absolutely top-notch, effortlessly blending the right amount of discipline and encouragement. Their passion for boxing radiates through their every move, making me feel energized and ready to conquer any challenge that came my way.

The gym itself has a welcoming atmosphere, with a team of staff members who are genuinely friendly and helpful. From the moment I stepped through the doors, I felt like I belonged. They were always there to answer questions, guide me through the facilities, and make sure I was getting the most out of my experience.

What sets CLASS UFC Gym San Antonio apart is the variety of classes they offer. From beginner's boxing to advanced techniques, they have it all. This ensures that no matter your skill level, there is always something new and exciting to learn. The coaches also have unique coaching styles, catering to different learning preferences and pushing you to reach your full potential.

The positive environment at CLASS UFC Gym San Antonio is infectious. The energy from fellow members is contagious, and you instantly feel like part of a supportive community who are all striving to improve themselves. You'll leave each class feeling empowered, inspired, and wanting to come back for more.

If you're looking for a boxing gym that not only provides excellent training but also creates a welcoming and uplifting environment, CLASS UFC Gym San Antonio is the place to be. Their motivating coaches, positive atmosphere, variety of classes, and welcoming staff make this gym a must-visit for boxing enthusiasts in San Antonio.

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Ferocious Fitness Boxing Gym

Ferocious Fitness Boxing Gym
🗺️ 8318 Jones Maltsberger Rd Suite 109, San Antonio, TX 78216
☎️ 210-248-5041
🌐 Website
Sunday: Closed
Monday: 9 AM–12 PM
Monday: 5–9 PM
Tuesday: 9 AM–12 PM
Tuesday: 5–9 PM
Wednesday: 9 AM–12 PM
Wednesday: 5–9 PM
Thursday: 9 AM–12 PM
Thursday: 5–9 PM
Friday: 9 AM–12 PM
Friday: 5–8 PM
Saturday: 10 AM–12:30 PM
Friendly and knowledgeable staff
Sense of community among members
Engaging and effective workouts
Suitable for all fitness levels

Walking into Ferocious Fitness Boxing Gym, I was immediately greeted by a friendly staff that made me feel right at home. Their knowledge and passion for boxing was evident, and it was clear that they were dedicated to helping members reach their fitness goals.

One thing that really stood out to me about Ferocious Fitness was the strong sense of community among the members. Everyone was supportive and encouraging, creating a positive and welcoming atmosphere. It felt like a family, and it was clear that friendships had been forged through the shared love of boxing.

The workouts at Ferocious Fitness were truly engaging and effective. The trainers pushed me to my limits, but always with a smile and words of encouragement. Whether it was shadowboxing, hitting the heavy bags, or working on technique, every session was challenging and left me feeling accomplished.

What impressed me most about Ferocious Fitness was its inclusivity. The gym caters to all fitness levels, from beginners to experienced fighters. The trainers were patient and took the time to ensure that everyone received proper instruction and guidance. No one was ever made to feel left behind or inadequate, creating a supportive and motivating environment for all.

Overall, Ferocious Fitness Boxing Gym proved itself to be a top contender in the search for the best boxing gym in San Antonio. With its friendly staff, sense of community, engaging workouts, and inclusivity, it's a place where anyone can lace up their gloves and find their fighting spirit.

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Scribner Boxing

Scribner Boxing
🗺️ 5814 La Colonia, San Antonio, TX 78218
☎️ 210-409-3646
🌐 Website
Sunday: Closed
Monday: 4:30–8:30 PM
Tuesday: 4:30–8:30 PM
Wednesday: 4:30–8:30 PM
Thursday: 4:30–8:30 PM
Friday: 4:30–8:30 PM
Saturday: Closed
Challenging gym
Attentive and knowledgeable coaches
Clean and well-maintained facilities
Fair membership options
Offers day pass option

Walking into Scribner Boxing instantly felt like stepping into a world of sweat, determination, and a not-so-subtle odor of victory. The gym was buzzing with energy, filled with the sounds of fists hitting heavy bags and the occasional cheer of encouragement from the coaches.

One of the standout aspects of Scribner Boxing is the level of challenge it presents. From beginners to experienced fighters, this gym caters to all skill levels. The coaches are attentive and knowledgeable, pushing you to perform at your best and helping you master the art of boxing.

The facilities at Scribner Boxing are clean and well-maintained, a refreshing surprise in the world of combat sports. With spacious bag areas, a dedicated ring, and plenty of equipment to go around, it's a haven for those looking to polish their skills.

One thing that truly sets Scribner Boxing apart is their fair membership options. They understand that not everyone can commit to long-term contracts, so they offer flexible plans that suit a variety of lifestyles. If you're not ready to take the plunge into a full membership, they even have a convenient day pass option, allowing you to experience the gym on a trial basis.

Overall, Scribner Boxing embodies the essence of what a boxing gym should be. It's a place where the air is charged with passion, where coaches are dedicated, facilities are top-notch, and options are abundant. Whether you're a seasoned fighter or a curious newbie, Scribner Boxing is definitely worth a visit. Keep those gloves up!

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Cardonas boxing gym

Cardonas boxing gym
🗺️ 1837 Guadalupe St, San Antonio, TX 78207
☎️ 210-300-1688
🌐 Website
Sunday: Closed
Monday: 6–8:30 PM
Tuesday: 6–8:30 PM
Wednesday: 6–8:30 PM
Thursday: 6–8:30 PM
Friday: Closed
Saturday: Closed
Great coaches
Gym for all ages

First and foremost, let me tell you that this gym has some great coaches. These instructors are like mastermind tacticians, guiding you through the intricate art of boxing with their vast knowledge and expertise. With their help, I felt like a boxing superstar in the making!

What truly amazed me about Cardonas is that this gym is not just for experts and pros, but it caters to all ages. Whether you're a scrappy young champ or a seasoned warrior, the gym has programs tailored to suit your needs. And yes, even the young future champs are welcome here!

Speaking of young ones, Cardonas embraces a truly kid-friendly environment. With dedicated classes and trainers who understand how to bring the best out of little fighters, children are in good hands. It's wonderful to see a gym that's not only focused on training, but also on fostering a positive and supportive atmosphere.

Overall, Cardonas boxing gym stood out to me on my quest to find the best boxing gym in San Antonio. Their great coaches, inclusive training for all ages, and their commitment to being kid-friendly make it a top contender. So, if you're looking for a place to unleash your inner boxer, don your gloves, and step into the ring with confidence, Cardonas is the place to be!

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Chatos Boxing Gym

Chatos Boxing Gym
🗺️ 1216 Hoefgen Ave, San Antonio, TX 78210
☎️ 210-251-5634
🌐 Website
Sunday: Closed
Monday: 7–11 AM
Monday: 5–7:45 PM
Tuesday: 7–11 AM
Tuesday: 5–7:45 PM
Wednesday: 7–11 AM
Wednesday: 5–7:45 PM
Thursday: 7–11 AM
Thursday: 5–7:45 PM
Friday: 7–11 AM
Friday: 5–7:45 PM
Saturday: Closed
Exceptional service
Grind house feel
Owner who cares
True boxing experience
Major improvements physically and mentally

As I walked through the doors of Chatos Boxing Gym, I was immediately captivated by the exceptional service provided by the staff. They welcomed me with open arms and made me feel like part of the family. The atmosphere had a unique grind house feel that inspired me to push myself to new limits.

What impressed me the most about Chatos was the passion and commitment of the owner. He genuinely cares about each and every person that walks through the doors. He takes the time to get to know his members, their goals, and their struggles. This personal touch sets Chatos apart from other gyms in the area.

The gym itself boasts a true boxing experience. With an impressive collection of equipment, from heavy bags to speed bags, and a spacious sparring area, Chatos offers everything a boxer needs to train effectively. The trainers are highly knowledgeable and provide expert guidance, helping me improve both physically and mentally.

But what truly sets Chatos apart is the major improvements I noticed in myself after just a few sessions. Not only did I feel stronger and more skilled, but I also gained a sense of confidence that transcended into other aspects of my life.

If you're looking for the best boxing gym in San Antonio, look no further than Chatos Boxing Gym. With its exceptional service, grind house feel, caring owner, true boxing experience, and the major improvements it offers both physically and mentally, it's undoubtedly the top contender.

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Ramos Boxing Gym

Ramos Boxing Gym
🗺️ 522 Moursund Blvd, San Antonio, TX 78221
☎️ 210-380-8955
🌐 Website
Sunday: Closed
Monday: 5:30–8:30 PM
Tuesday: 5:30–8:30 PM
Wednesday: 5:30–8:30 PM
Thursday: 5:30–8:30 PM
Friday: 5:30–8:30 PM
Saturday: 8–10 AM
Experienced trainers
Welcoming atmosphere
Suitable for all levels
Affordable membership

First and foremost, the trainers at Ramos Boxing Gym are incredibly experienced. Their knowledge and expertise in the sport is evident from the moment you step into the gym. Whether you're a beginner looking to learn the basics or an advanced boxer aiming to improve your skills, the trainers are more than capable of providing the guidance and support you need. They are approachable and always willing to offer advice or answer any questions you may have.

Another standout feature of Ramos Boxing Gym is the welcoming atmosphere. As soon as you walk through the doors, you're greeted with smiles and a sense of camaraderie. The gym fosters a supportive community where boxers of all levels can come together to share their passion for the sport. It's not uncommon to see members engaging in friendly conversations or cheering each other on during training sessions.

What makes Ramos Boxing Gym truly special is that it caters to individuals of all levels. Whether you're a complete beginner or a seasoned pro, there are classes and training programs available to suit your needs. The gym offers a variety of boxing and fitness classes, making it accessible for those who are just starting their boxing journey or those looking to cross-train and stay in shape.

In terms of membership fees, Ramos Boxing Gym is refreshingly affordable. They offer competitive pricing options, allowing you to get top-notch training without breaking the bank. The value you receive for the cost is truly impressive.

Overall, my experience at Ramos Boxing Gym was exceptional. The combination of experienced trainers, a welcoming atmosphere, suitability for all skill levels, and affordable membership options make it a strong contender for the title of the best boxing gym in San Antonio. Whether you're a serious boxer or simply looking to try something new, I highly recommend checking out Ramos Boxing Gym for an authentic boxing experience unlike any other.

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Leija Boxing x Fitness

Leija Boxing x Fitness
🗺️ 8418 Broadway #131, San Antonio, TX 78209
☎️ 210-290-4239
Sunday: Closed
Monday: 9 AM–7:30 PM
Tuesday: 6 AM–7 PM
Wednesday: 9 AM–7:30 PM
Thursday: 6 AM–7 PM
Friday: 9 AM–6:30 PM
Saturday: 10 AM–12:30 PM
Amazing staff
Vibrant atmosphere
Positive influence
Knowledgeable trainers

Walking into Leija Boxing x Fitness, I immediately felt the energy of the gym surging through my veins. The vibrant atmosphere was contagious and the amazing staff greeted me with open arms, making me feel right at home.

One of the things that stood out to me about Leija Boxing x Fitness was the positive influence it had on its members. From beginners to advanced fighters, everyone was treated with respect and encouragement. It was clear that this gym was not just a place to get fit, but a community that supported and uplifted each other.

The trainers at Leija Boxing x Fitness were nothing short of knowledgeable. They took the time to explain techniques, correct form, and push me to my limits. I could tell they had a deep passion for the sport and genuinely wanted to see their members succeed.

The highlight for me was the diversity of the workout programs offered. Whether I wanted to focus on boxing-specific training or try out their boot camp sessions, there was something for everyone. It kept the workouts fresh and exciting, never allowing a dull moment.

In conclusion, Leija Boxing x Fitness is no doubt a top contender for the title of the best boxing gym in San Antonio. With its amazing staff, vibrant atmosphere, positive influence, and knowledgeable trainers, it provides an exceptional experience for anyone looking to train like a pro. I would highly recommend giving it a go and experiencing the magic of Leija Boxing x Fitness for yourself.

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Anzures Boxing Team

Anzures Boxing Team
🗺️ 5046 W Commerce St, San Antonio, TX 78237
☎️ 210-248-4028
Sunday: Closed
Monday: 6–9 PM
Tuesday: 6–9 PM
Wednesday: 6–9 PM
Thursday: 6–9 PM
Friday: 6–9 PM
Saturday: Closed

Well folks, let me tell you, Anzures Boxing Team is a knockout! With a playful yet professional atmosphere, this gym is truly a hidden gem in San Antonio. From the moment you step in, you'll be greeted with a friendly smile and a fierce determination to make you the best boxer you can be. The trainers are top-notch, pushing you to your limits while still making you feel like part of the family. The facility is clean and well-equipped, so you can focus on perfecting those jabs without any distractions. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a newbie stepping into the ring for the first time, Anzures Boxing Team is the place for you. Trust me, you won't be disappointed!

Boxing Gym

Boxing Gym

After visiting countless boxing gyms in San Antonio in search of the best one, I can confidently say that Boxing Gym deserves the crown! From the moment I walked in, the atmosphere was buzzing with playful yet professional energy. The knowledgeable trainers and top-notch facilities make this gym stand out.

Davies Boxing and Fitness

Davies Boxing and Fitness
🗺️ 9503 Middlex Dr, San Antonio, TX 78217
🌐 Website
Sunday: 8 AM–6 PM
Monday: 6 AM–9 PM
Tuesday: 6 AM–9 PM
Wednesday: 6 AM–9 PM
Thursday: 6 AM–9 PM
Friday: 6 AM–9 PM
Saturday: 8 AM–6 PM

Davies Boxing and Fitness in San Antonio is a hidden gem! From the moment I walked in, I felt the electric energy buzzing through the air. The trainers were knowledgeable and pushed me to my limits, while still making it fun. This gym definitely packs a powerful punch!

San Fernando Boxing Club

San Fernando Boxing Club
🗺️ 2915 E Commerce St, San Antonio, TX 78203
☎️ 210-207-8308
🌐 Website
Sunday: Closed
Monday: 3–9 PM
Tuesday: 3–9 PM
Wednesday: 3–9 PM
Thursday: 3–9 PM
Friday: 3–7 PM
Saturday: 11 AM–3 PM

San Fernando Boxing Club in San Antonio is a knockout! From the moment I walked in, I could feel the electric atmosphere. The trainers are top-notch and I left feeling like a champion. If you're looking for a gym that packs a punch, this is the place to be.

Gladiators Boxing Gym

Gladiators Boxing Gym
🗺️ 400 Brady Blvd, San Antonio, TX 78207
Sunday: Closed
Monday: 9 AM–5 PM
Tuesday: 9 AM–5 PM
Wednesday: 9 AM–5 PM
Thursday: 9 AM–5 PM
Friday: Closed
Saturday: Closed

Gladiators Boxing Gym in San Antonio is a hidden gem for boxing enthusiasts. With its impressive facilities and knowledgeable trainers, they definitely pack a punch. The atmosphere is electric, with members of all skill levels encouraging each other. Gladiators offers a wide range of classes, making it the perfect place to unleash your inner warrior. I can confidently say that Gladiators Boxing Gym is a top contender for the title of best boxing gym in San Antonio!

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